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Onur Arpak







While joining the Entrepreneurial Warrior, I was guessing that it would be a training program that was little out of ordinary. However, It never crossed my mind  that this program would turn out to be an experience that would get into everyone’s life in the team so deeply.  The program I joined in was such that, at the end of two months, I was a part of a miracle community where everyone trusted each other and went great lengths to help each other. Feeling the support of someone by your side in every circumstance made you do your utmost to support others. Dozens of challenging tasks within two months, lengthy classes, conversations with idealist and expert mentors and trying to keep up with the busy work life and spending time with the family…-it’s all incredible.  Actually, all this bustle made me experience how people spent long hours doing nothing in their ordinary life. It is a great source of motivation to see that acting instead of whining turns into something of value in a short time. But still, I realized that the real enemy was what you had within you and that any hour spent doing nothing was a moment at which you abandoned your life to the control of this enemy. I, quite frankly, am happy for having joined the Entrepreneurial Warrior. I wish to thank all my fellow team members and Berke Sarpas who brought us together and made a team from us.