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I participated in the Entrepreneurial Warrior training program. Think of it; A man in military outfit with hard looks on a website. There are articles in the website about suffering pain. But you still participate in the program.” Although I sometimes try hard to think that I am not crazy, I would take the training again if it were repeated without blinking an eye. I live in Izmir and spent some time going back and forth to Istanbul. During this time, I spent a great, disciplined and very informative time with a great team. During this time that passed with bus trips, sleeplessness and tiredness, I learned many things, as well as having the chance to observe a great development in me. Yes, man sometimes doesn’t really know what he/she can do before trying. And man doesn’t develop before suffering pain. What he/she learns doesn’t prove to be permanent before trying and practicing. That’s what deeply affected me in this program. What I observed the most in me. My biggest issue while doing a work was that I used to question myself a lot. One of the topics I learned in the training was to do a work immediately without questioning. I do my work quickly and look forward. Facilitators have been selected from very professional or very experienced people. I have never seen a training institution before that puts that much effort to train and teach. As the mentors said, they absolutely make you learn. You learn how to start your own business with almost zero cost. If you have a current work, you learn the ways to manage it more efficiently. You leave there having learned what you need to be successful in the business you have established. You gain inner discipline. I had the chance to think on several projects. After the program I can describe myself as an entrepreneur and thank everyone who prepared the training.