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Osman Emre Şener







There is no such thing as perfect in life. There is always the better. You can always be better! I have always tried to improve myself  with this philosophy of life. I have always had great pleasure when I learn something. I had decided to take Russian classes to improve myself and fill my weekends. That time, my search for how to implement a project in my mind  had been continuing. And just as I was about to begin the Russian classes, I met the Entrepreneurial Warrior training program. I won’t exaggerate if I say I fell in love with the content of the training program when I reviewed it. There were trainings that may be called a mini MBA under the digital economy, commerce, marketing and leadership topics. I applied in no time and became entitled to begin the training after a few interviews. I separate my life into two as “before ENTREWAR” and “after ENTREWAR” as of the start date of my training. Although the ENTREWAR training is referred to as a career and entrepreneurship training, I think it is a “School of Life”. It was this training that gave me greater and high-value-added skills than not only Russian, but also any language training. When successful people tell about their life stories, they actually agree under a very fundamental roof of action: “Combating the challenges”. And the concept we call experience can only form by combating the challenges. As an inexperienced engineering student at the age of 22 and filled with theories in his mind, participating in this training was the most right thing I have done in my life. I have gained what I wouldn’t have possibly gained in 4-5 years in the ENTREWAR training program. I learned that theories, figures and formulas were actually secondary and that what mattered was the individual’s own fight. I am very lucky to have discovered this training at a very young age. Now I will be looking at people and projects in my career and entrepreneurial life with more maturity and confidence. If you really desire to be successful in life (in anything), this training will change your perspective and guide you through each step of the ladder. I can’t thank enough the founder and facilitator of the training program and the great person Berke Sarpaş. I can’t find the right words, but you cannot absolutely consider him simply a “facilitator”! Things he gives (injects, as he calls it) you cannot be measured as tangible or intangible. My new philosophy of life: “I achieve what is hard, but the impossible may take little longer.”