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We all have dreams. After our education life is over, we quickly move on to the work life, but cannot generally find what we have expected. While you are trying to keep up with the work pace, you don’t realize how the years have passed. During our busy work life, we must sometimes stop to look and assess the situation. I think what we will see first actually is that education and training life has never ended and never will. And I believe that the Entrepreneurial Warrior is an amazing flow of life that must kick in right at that moment. It is this program that will give you a new direction, help you breath and allow you to have a perspective, and is very powerful to help you gain a crazier environment than your busy work pace and offer you everything there is to learn about entrepreneurship and allow you to make close friends. Remember; everything in life has a reason, and there is reason for this program to appear before you somewhere and someway. Maybe, it is your turn and you must respond to this moment that will affect the direction of your life. What have I learned from this training? I have learned to create a project from an idea I like using my own means and carry it to a business segment; I have gained personal improvements; I have made very sound friendships and I have found myself as a part of a great network. We have experienced the joy of helping each other and succeeding. We got tired, but were not intimidated; we were about to give up, but our friends didn’t allow us! If you also enjoy the beauty of both individual development and being a team, and become an Entrepreneurial Warrior, don’t wait. You have dreams, too and life is too short!