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 You will ask what the Entrepreneurial Warrior is.
Is it an extraordinary entrepreneurship training?
Is it a tool for you to get to know yourself?
Is it a journey that shows your real limits, to put it better, teaches how to stop at nothing?
The Entrepreneurial Warrior is all of these and event beyond them. Partaking in this program, being a part of the union and being astounded with what you can do are even a privilege. You will be surprised to do things you describe as “Nope, this can’t happen’ at the beginning. Furthermore, you will witness how your prejudices and thoughts about yourself and others change. There is no “can’t do’s” in this program. You can do, you can succeed and you will do and you will succeed. You will always go a step further and go only toward your goal. Fast or slow, you will overcome everything for the sake of your life goal you want to accomplish. The program shall carry you to such a level that you will ask yourself, “If not now, when?” . I can give this tip to you. Do not expect an ordinary in-class training. Because it will not happen. I recommend to newcomers; never, but never up!