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Before I started the Enterprise Warrior Training, I thought that it would be a program where I could learn a lot of new things and meet new people and enjoy it. Whereas; it was too much of them.  I understood this at the very first moment of training: The first day of training started with such a thing for me; understood there was no other way than trusting my friends in the union and surrendering them.  And I made a decision: in this training, as a candidate of enterprise warrior, I was going to do what was my job.

Now we are 16 persons united for a common purpose. Of course, we were so stressed and as well as enjoyed it.We learned not to ourselves, but to look after our teammates, we saw that we could succeed if we were together, not alone. This was exactly the opposite of what the whole world told us.  We realized that the real achievements could be achieved by acting together not individually while almost every message in the community emphasizes individuality. There were things we must do in training; we could just do it by coming together. And our borders. They were too much. When we want to do something, around us, there were the boundaries of those who immediately gave examples of failure, seeing as almost romantic movements and imagination to believe in yourself and to pursue the purpose of life, taking refuge in the security of a salary and advising it despite comfort area and unhappiness. It was not so easy to destroy these existing borders by living in the same community.

Now, I write them a month after the training is over. The Entrepreneur Warrior Training has changed a lot of things in me and my life. First, the borders in my head started to remove one by one, of course, I have to work with myself. But now I know how to handle borders or obstacles. The techniques taught in training are printed in our brain; They appear spontaneously, and the person uses in daily life or business negotiations. One of the most important ones is that I can manage "the relationship with myself" better. In addition to these, eCommerce, foreign trade, law and I do not even say a lot of information you might come to mind when you are setting up a business. There was something told to us in training: “All of you will be a movable office “, and yes, we graduated by really turning into a movable office.

Before the training, I thought that money was the most necessary thing to do business. It was not so,  even the newly established business that is, a new enterprise which has been established with a minimum of money would be more favorable. And believe that the hardware acquired by the training allows it. Of course, with real devotion.

What our coach said is: "An entrepreneur’s biggest trouble is to be alone, to feel alone". One of the most beautiful aspects of training is the presence of people who speak the same language, who can support you in the process of establishing your business and in your next journey, There are a lot of nice people from the training team, graduates, mentors who can understand, guide, help us. Of course, there is a GIA. After the training, it updates us, does not leave alone, is a special unit that is already located itself according to the way of working in the future. It is an innovative structure that leads to the working order of the next world.

And of course, mentors are people who have made significant achievements in their fields and had a life experience. According to me, even to pay attention to the things that are learned about life and work from them and we will raise the probability of success during our training increases the likelihood of success in business we will establish newly.

Those told about by me have more pluses than minuses. All you need to do is just; to believe in the program and to perform your responsibility. I’m sure for one thing; The Entrepreneur Warrior Training will take place as a unique experience in our lives for a large number of us. And if we continue to practice what we have learned here and moved on in the direction of our life goals, it will transform both us and our lives.