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The Master Union Training was a training that I spent every second of it to the fullest. It was the process where I realized my own limits and challenged myself to overstep them. Together with my teammates, whom I see as a common meeting point of different life stories and whom I have associated with myself a lot, we perceived development as a shared value and progressed on this path. Serious differences formed between my starting point and the point I reached We’ve come a long way in a short time. I obtained different perspectives on both entrepreneurship and life through spectacular mentors.  My belief on living with a goal makes life more meaningful was once again reinforced. I saw the value of team coalescence that comes together with common values. However, I have witnessed that the words of our training coaches who say “do what is required" are very profound, meaningful and their content is supported by behaviors. From now on, we will continue our lives as individuals who do what is required. There will be traces of the training we had in the works and projects we have done. We will move forward as an entrepreneur within the framework of altruism, tenacity, wise, justice, transparency, teamwork, and merit by never giving up, changing the method, not the goal. We will discern and create the difference.