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Seçkin Ara







If you are reading this, it means it is high time you changed now. Let me guess; you are bored of the job you are doing and stuck in a vicious circle and haven’t been able to find a way out of it, or you have an idea, but are not sure about how to implement it; maybe, you want to change your career toward a whole new area, but do not know where to begin; maybe, you have your own business and want to improve and advance it further. Most of us believe that we have a potential in us, but cannot find the energy to act on it. We always need a guide to lead us. The Entrepreneurial Warrior program teaches you to find and use that energy by putting you through a both physically and mentally extraordinary journey. In this program information, psychological support, counseling you will need to start a business and skills such as hints to create a difference are offered in the form of a package. Don’t be misled by this; the Entrepreneurial Warrior program is not a seminar where you sit in the rear rows, take notes and leave. You must be prepared for physical and mental challenges and first believe in yourself and of course your leader in the program and fulfill the tasks assigned. In time, after you realize your potential, you may think that you were unfair to yourself about what you were capable of. This program raises awareness, reminds you of your current position in the business world and shows how never giving up could contribute to you. I am a sales and marketing manager in our family company manufacturing machinery. I participated in this program to develop our business, be more useful to our potential customer industrialists and expand the business organization. Thanks to my potential I discovered in this program, I saw that there were more things I could do in business development. I believe that I can contribute a lot to myself and my environment with the new knowledge and hints I learned. I have already begun to feel it. I would like to thank first Berke Sarpas, the creator and guide of the program and the Entrepreneurial Warrior program’s entire family. Welcome to the Entrepreneurial Warrior to reveal the potential in you and see what never giving up will give you.