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Seda Topalhan







I started to give importance to startups in Pozitim which is one of KOSGEB firms located in Bogazici and that I worked when I graduated from our university in 2008. I was on duty in many projects such as interface design, analysis, process management and business development and was effectively following up the new technologies on the internet. I had decided that day. I would build my life goals on it and make projects that I will achieve very much. My childhood spent while I was listening to the stories of software projects written by cousins. One day I chose computer engineering profession by saying I will write code like them. I published two projects as far as today. I met so many problems, and with the whims of people in the project, I cannot tell…

But I never gave up and completed the projects by overcoming every process. But, I have not been successful in the part of marketing in business and postponed the projects for a while. Understood that I made an error somewhere. I changed the plan, not the target, so I went back to work. While conducting a course search on the internet, I met with the Enterprise Warrior Program and applied immediately when I saw its opportunities. If you want not to lose time and to plan business professionally and most importantly to reach the business idea to investors with right mediators, do not stop and apply immediately. It’s hard to be alone. No matter how technical you have, you stay somewhere. This program was one of the milestones in my life. I have found the opportunity to acquire network by meeting many people including my dear teammates and our coach now. The network is very important while progressing in your work. This program gives you all the infrastructure you need while you are going on your way to your destination and learn all of them very well in a short time. Thus you dispose of the cost, time, and most importantly motivation loss.

I wish you all success on this road, do not leave your business to chance…