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We are not aware of what we can do. We put limits to our potential ourselves; we are so sure about these limits that we want them to change, but we have difficulty acting for them to change. One day you take a step, pass a difficult path, after a step you start to explore again and your limits begin to disappear and your life begins to turn into a pleasant journey; you begin to be excited about your future. Own your dreams, then take a step, be brave, command your brain and act.” I know that most of you saying inside ‘easier said than done” when reading this sentence. It is not that difficult to do it, we are simply not aware of the existing potential within us. If you also have a dream, but doesn’t know how to proceed, want to create a difference in your work, fail to ensure inner discipline, if you think that you are wasting your time, doesn’t know the limits of your potential within you, want to develop it, but cannot take a step, you can take the first step by applying for the Entrepreneurial Warrior program. If you chose to take the first step; what awaits you in the program? You must experience because words are not enough. During the program, you will see the uncertainties, how invaluable the time is, the importance of inner discipline, that the obstacles are in fact the limits defined by us, that the pain will end one day, the pleasure of success you achieve as a result of not giving up. You will understand acting means the steps to your goals you want to achieve the result, and live a challenging, but enjoyable journey where you rasp one aspect of yours and re-discover yourself in each step. I can describe this program as the only address where your behaviors change. Are all of these reasons enough to participate in this program? If you have a dream, the challenges on the path you set out on will not cause you to give up. Even to the contrary, after each step you will be excited to take the next step. I acted to own my dream, now I can visualize the future. This makes me excited already. Everything starts with a step, act, act. Finally, participating in this program means being different; and being different is great. Thank the tall man who will help you experience this difference and the ENTREWAR family that grows each passing day.