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There are turning points in people’s lives. They need new beginnings, but they do not know what to start where and how. Because you have trapped in a labyrinth and you’ve lost your way. At such a point I found in Enterprise Warrior Training Program myself at the point where I could not found what to do and how to direct my life, how is the turning point in my life and the place I will find the exit of my labyrinth?

We learned that you would not exist alone and the meaning of the team where you can speak a reliable, strong common language. I now know I can control my feelings and how long can I endure under the pressures applied by.. Although I know how complicated and difficult this way, I lose my direction in this way, I make a mistake several times and get rejected, I know I will never up on my way. To spend the day by staying the moment and by getting more aware of many things, to do things I have never said and to see how I can do it, to stand up for hours and give up despite sleeplessness. I make a new beginning in an always and everywhere in a ready way as one being confident and knowing what to do. When I get out of my labyrinth, I will enter in the wrong ways and confront with obstacles, and I now know that I will never give up and get out of that labyrinth. Thank you so much coach for teaching me how to find my way.

I learned to find my way if I lose I can create my way to reach life purpose. The important thing is to run the risk of something and to walk down the road for the purpose we want, is it?