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Invictus Birliği


They say that it cannot be described but only experienced. And this is how the program we finished was. I gave myself to the arms of people from the very first day; people I didn’t know…These people are now my second family. Every friend is now indispensable, valuable and important for me. There are so many theoretical knowledge we learned in this program that you feel like you have moved into a different dimension… But, I think that the essence of this program is the importance of team!
I had tried to research many things before coming to this program, but all of the people who had joined the program previously told me that I should join and live it. That’s absolutely right; you must join and live it so that, when the last day comes, you want the connection you have established all this time to last for the rest of your life. Because 20 crazy people like you devote themselves to this and all of you constantly strive together to be successful as a team. The Entrepreneurial Warrior experience is like a great dish that must be tasted
We were able to establish this bond as a team. However, the real important person is BERKE SARPAS who taught all these to us, cooked the meal, so to speak, and made it taste good and was the real creator of this bond, and I want to thank him for that. If he hadn’t given us this opportunity, I wouldn’t have had such a family.
Another person that must be remembered about this program is our psychologist BARIS GURKAS. The man who erased the entire stress imposed on you by the program in a blink of an eye. 🙂
INVICTUS, I don’t know how we established this bond in such a short time. But I wish that everyone can have such a bond one day. I am not alone. I am now 20 PEOPLE STRONG.
Now, ARE WE READY to make our life purpose real?