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Şenel Aydoğdu







I am writing this to you with the pride of having completed the Entrepreneurial Warrior program I had started with curiosity. I am also sad that the program has been completed. I found what’s more than a typical training had in the program that I started with a lot of questions about entrepreneurship in my mind and a company I established under the name of BioGen Academy. It is a program that gives you the opportunity to change your perspective. How? The program reveals the value of every moment, and creates major changes in your life with every activity. But I must tell you that you realize it at the end! You may confused and indecisive about whether or not to do your dreams. You may feel being in a void, too. And I felt more than that when I started the business of my dreams. I am very lucky to have come across the Entrepreneurial Warrior Program right at that point. I made great friends, and we call each other “brothers in arms”. I had great experiences. This program taught me how to find solutions to the questions in my mind. It made me see the value of each second. And most importantly, it presented a great solution to the fierce market competition that I was concerned the most about in entrepreneurship and didn’t want to tackle and that could even make ready to give it up all. There I learned a working principle in which you can have your place in the market by creating your value, you don’t create competition against you and you can move with the blue ocean strategy. I know that I can now look at entrepreneurship through a more professional window. You become a perfect warrior at the end of the program with activities and trainings offered. A warrior that is capable of solving whatever comes along in some way and getting the result. Imagination has no limits. Whatever you do is your own work. If you want to change things and spend your life making your dreams come true, which is, I believe, what you want since you are reading this, then I’d tell you to join the program. You will find yourself working for your dreams in a short time. And remember; you know what is best for you! If you want to come, a professional team and friends that graduated from the training earlier will be waiting for you in the Entrepreneurial Warrior Program. 🙂