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Do you know that nothing in life is a coincidence? It is ABSOLUTELY NOT a coincidence that you meet me here today, right now. Maybe, everything in your life is just as you want it and curiosity has brought you here. Maybe, you are stuck enough to say, ‘if only I had a magic wand and everything were totally different’. Maybe, you are one of those hard core independent people in love with the dream of doing his/her own business like me. Maybe, you have a project, but don’t know how to proceed. Maybe, you are just adventurous. Whoever you are, you are at the right place and I have few frank words to tell you! The Entrepreneurial Warrior is definitely not a training only. It is an amazing experience that you cannot find anywhere and forget until the end of your life. While invaluable mentors inject the technical knowledge you need into you without boring you, your mental resilience will pass the limits you put and you will meet your own potential. Do you think that you know yourself? Don’t make me laugh! Every moment of 6 weeks you will have will make you live a completely different experience. You will laugh sometimes and sometimes you will get angry. Sometimes you will not understand, but mostly, you will not be able to describe. You will wonder, wonder, wonder. You will wonder so much that you will remember that you have not wondered that much since you were a child. But, you will make such great friends during these 6 weeks that the color of your life will change. The Entrepreneurial Warrior Program will make you a totally different person that does not give up in the face of challenges, is aware of his/her potential and knows what he/she wants (believe me!). I graduated from this program as a highly self-confident and completely different Sengul who treasures every minute and is aware of her strengths. The training was finished, but our friendship and the support of the Entrepreneurial Warrior continue. You know that the worst thing that could happen to you will happen and you will die! Today, take a step to do something for yourself and apply for the Entrepreneurial Warrior Program. If you are selected, your life will change. Whenever you need support, you can reach me because the person who can understand a personnel best is a warrior. 🙂 You will appreciate what I mean when the time comes. Take care for now!