SERHAD KUYUCU - Girişim Savaşçısı








If you want to succeed in something and draw your own path, I can say this program is just for you. In this program, no one will draw your path for you, but will only show you the ways, and you will determine which map to follow. You will get help. Some will give you fuel on the road, some will arrange the provisions, and some will put obstacles on your road. What you need to do is walk on this road with confident steps after drawing it. The purpose of this program is to teach how to take sound steps, get help on the journey or overcome the obstacles. In this program, you will learn that no one can give you piggyback and that only your steps can make you walk on this path. If you start a business or want to be successful in your work, it is all up to you. Others can only lend you support for you to become successful. Everything you limit in your thoughts becomes impossible when it comes to put it into practice. That’s why you must think unlimitedly. Wishing that all of you can think unlimitedly.