SEVGİ TOPALOĞLU - Girişim Savaşçısı








At the moment I decided to make major changes in my name in my life, Enterprise Warriors confront me. Everything started with the problem I had during the application process. I had darkened my eyes to be able to participate in the training, and I deserved to be here without giving up. It is always said that you must be a story. My history has started while participating in this training without any knowledge. From the first day, Coach said that " we will make you sibling to each other". Indeed, we are here brothers and sisters, no matter how much I tell, no one could understand what I mean and how we trusted each other. That’s exactly what I say, it cannot be described but only experienced. ı found myself here; I found who I want to be. As one of the youngest members of the team, I was one of the most entertained here. Because of my behavior in finding oneself, my union found me names like "chick, little darling, caterpillar" 🙂 I’m surrounded by people whom I can take as an example, all of these people have different equipment, in this training, I am kneading like a dough. Besides, I have knowledge and equipment that an entrepreneur will have in many years, as short as two months here I learned to control our feelings and that there is no such thing as impossible. We have seen how far can we go by forcing our boundaries and in fact how we made ourselves unfair for years. We have given the greatest battle here with ourselves; we do everything we have said that I cannot do it anymore, I cannot stand it. Many things I could not understand while in training were clear after training was over. Because I remember that training based on teaching us and on internalizing at any moment in every condition what we have learned. When the training is over, it cannot be said that we gave you these features, you found your strengths, let’s go and find your job, I think, I would be fallen into a void if there was not GIA. Sevgi was always in search before Enterprise Warrior, Now there is a Sevgi found that she was looking for.