Tuğçe Erkaya - Girişim Savaşçısı

Tuğçe Erkaya







The Entrepreneurial Warrior training has opened a new window in my life. It has made me realize that it is me who put the obstacles and limits. What I needed to do to be successful was to destroy the barriers and limits I myself created in my brain. The experience I gained during the training is the most distinguished and best of all I have had so far. I realized that I was able to do the things I said I couldn’t do in the training. It showed us that we could be on the winning side in the real life fight that we are not taught at school, but that we face in the professional life. You will also see the privileges of being an Entrepreneurial Warrior at the end of the training. This training is not one of those that is one-time only, comes and goes and is forgotten; it transforms into a way of life. You can get what you want and that depends on your not giving up.