Betül KARACA - Girişim Savaşçısı







Interior Architect


Life is worth designing!

After the difficult process you have
gone through to discover yourself, that diamond, which is stuck and shaped by
the pressure you experience when necessary, and shining brightly inside, longs
to be shaped. It is raw, but it exists. Seeing the best form you can get, you
get excited inside, and you can't help but ask, “How can I shape this
diamond better?" What you need next is; it is a good master, good teaching,
and a very useful toolbox.

When I first discovered my diamond, I
looked for ways to polish it by digesting the processes in which it was tried
to be burned as charcoal. I moved to Istanbul and took action to develop my
start-up. In this period when my project was shaped but the process never
settled, I realized that I did not have the knowledge I needed to be a businessperson,
and I realized that if I continued to act by relying on my past experiences, I
would be dragged into the same mistakes. Now I wanted to establish my own
business with my hands, step by step, starting from the cradle. I could see
that if I worked with instant advisors, the only thing I would get would be
workarounds. I wanted to learn by listening, without experiencing any problems
that might happen to me, and to be able to take precautions before they happen
to me. At this moment, the 'Venture Warrior' appeared before me. At first, I
did not expect that it would add so much to me. Especially the emphasis on our
common goal, 'sustainability', helped my project get better and better. Above
all, with the self-confidence of experiencing the feeling of shining together
in a room full of diamonds, I went over every subject that I was afraid to get
rid of before. One of the reasons why 'Factory of Us' started to produce
sustainable furniture with 3d printers today; What I feel is this courage, born
of the faith of my teammates at U13 alongside Özgül Sokullu and Berke Sarpaş.
This process, which started with the support of my family and friends, grew
like a snowball with the Venture Warrior. When you are at UGGS, you know that;
When you get stuck, 30 people around you will come to your aid in line with
their expertise. When you feel that you are falling, they will lift you up with
the necessary motivational speech. When you feel tired, they will advise you to
rest and shoulder the pressure on you. It is a great privilege to have such a
family. I look forward to the projects we will do, and I wish those who find
their diamonds run here. Let's grow together!