BİOART - Girişim Savaşçısı



Established by competent and experienced experts of biological pond and pool systems, BioArt has become one of the leading companies in the sector with the giant projects it has implemented in a short time. With its qualified human resources and innovative approach, it provides services not only in Turkey but also on an international scale and continues its technical support activities after the delivery of the project.

BioArt, which implements the design and application processes of biological ponds, biological pools, and landscaping works with its experienced experts, also realizes its goal of unconditional customer satisfaction by including products developed as a result of R&D activities of international companies that it is a solution partner.

Adding value to natural areas and recreational areas, which are needed to get away from the intense stress of urban life, with ecological solutions, BioArt offers natural living spaces to people where they can breathe and spend a peaceful time with the projects it has implemented. Aiming to create sustainable environmental awareness with all its activities, BioArt continues its activities with the aim of creating natural and liveable spaces for future generations.

Biological pond development projects implemented by Venture Warrior participant Erdal Yeşil and his partner Ekrem Bulut contribute to the preservation of natural balance.

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Founder / VEW Alumni