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For New Generation Entrepreneurs

It will guide you every step of the way.

A Guide:

Entrepreneurship in the New Order – Venture Warrior Perspective Book, Alfa Publishing

For New Generation Entrepreneurs

It will guide you every step of the way. A Guide:

Entrepreneurship in the New Order – Venture Warrior Perspective Book, Alfa Publishing

This book, which will make you look at entrepreneurship from a different perspective, clearly reveals what you can do to become an entrepreneur that will make a global impact in the new world order. With this book, you will discover how you can effectively tackle social problems and change the world with the power of entrepreneurship. Each page will shed light and guide you on your entrepreneurial journey. Essence of venture warrior approach, appropriation of real need, revolutionary entrepreneurship, our fathers’ beliefs, self-management, grand order, art of forgiveness, shifting control, power and freedom, dedicated leaders and change, new order and entrepreneurship, empathy, innovative approaches to budgeting, new age groundbreaking information on transparency, accurate purpose determination and many other important issues are waiting for you in this book.

Have a nice journey in advance…

“Berke Sarpaş reconsiders and examines the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and branding and guides us all in today’s digitalizing world that requires almost everyone to be an entrepreneur. I recommend this book, which should be read by taking notes, to everyone."


“Berke’s world-sensitive analyses stand firm in the face of a visionless entrepreneurship devoid of social meaning. A brand-new entrepreneurship model that has not been done in the world is in this book!”


“Berke created a unique work. He changed lives in a positive way with his “Venture Warrior” model. The system he established should be spread on a global scale. This book should be read by everyone, it should even be a textbook.”


“Berke has been successfully walking a long, arduous, and long road with entrepreneurs for a long time. In this book, he generously offers the invaluable information he gained on his entrepreneurial journey to anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit.”


Written for all heroic entrepreneurs who dedicated themselves to make our world more liveable place.

Our Venture Warrior founder Berke Sarpaş’s 18-year entrepreneurial journey and the experiences he gained in this journey, combined with more than 200 qualified resources, have turned into a resource with more than 5 years of intense and meticulous work that will allow you to look at entrepreneurship from a brand-new perspective, which every entrepreneur should read.

What can be done in order to become an entrepreneur who will receive global support in the new world order, and much more is in this book. On each page, you will re-question the definition of entrepreneurship and discover a new and problem-solving socio-economic model for the post-capitalist world. With a different perspective, you will find answers to questions that have not been asked before in this book.

“Social problems are growing like an avalanche. Our world needs highly qualified, purpose-driven and determined hero entrepreneurs. In this book, we have revealed the entrepreneurial dynamics of the new age with an interdisciplinary model. In this book, you will find the Venture Warrior model and philosophy, which we have developed to train heroic entrepreneurs who can produce solutions to social problems with their projects.

Since our establishment in 2013, we have chosen to give importance to our organizational model after education at least as much as education itself. The things that are most necessary to do are often among the most impossible. A hard-working entrepreneur is committed only to impossible tasks, perseveres, finds a way, creates opportunity, looks after his environment, and does what is necessary. Ninety percent of entrepreneurs fail, according to CBInsights data, and one of the main reasons for this is that most entrepreneurs have a weak level of determination; that is easy to give up. Therefore, at this point, it is of great importance that we increase our creativity and mental strength, be more emotionally resilient, equip ourselves with technical knowledge, and fight with passion by establishing the right equation between our work and our life purpose. Open your vision, think big, take care of social benefit, and do what is necessary.

This book is a roadmap for a new generation of entrepreneurs.”


• How are large-scale and prominent entrepreneurship projects built with the support of the international community?
• How can a company blend tackling social problems with making a profit?

• How can we adapt to the times with the implications of different disciplines from positive sciences to politics?

Our problems are increasing exponentially with our population. Local solutions of local politicians, the UN victim of bureaucracy, voluntary work that does not match the economic realities, and the approaches of companies that seek advertisements that use social benefit as a material cannot reach the solution of global issues. The invisible hand of dominating capitalism has been successful in regulating the market, but the same hand is also responsible for huge problems such as climate crisis, environmental pollution, inequality in wealth distribution and global migration. We cannot bear to wait for the Savior. The time has come for heroic entrepreneurs who focus on survival, combine profit with purpose, and take risks for humanity. Everyone who starts a business is now expected to tackle global problems sincerely and focus on real needs, not demand.

This book is a guide on what can be done to become an entrepreneur who will receive global support in the new world order. By adding intellectual knowledge to those who will make a difference, between life satisfaction and the interests of humanity.

It aims to set up an equation.

The book redefines entrepreneurship and proposes a new and problem-solving socio-economic model for the post-capitalist world.

Who is Berke Sarpaş?

Berke Sarpaş is the creator of the Venture Warrior Program, the world’s first interdisciplinary entrepreneurship program, and a Member of the Board of Trustees of the Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation. In 2014, he was selected as the “Best Young Entrepreneur of the Year" at the METU Crystal Tree Awards. Berke Sarpaş was graduated from Bilkent University in 2000 and from the Royal University of Melbourne (Australia) in 2002. In 2005, under the brand Organic Moods, he started to market organic agricultural products produced in Turkey to the Far East and Hong Kong markets using B2B channels on the internet. In 2007, he founded Coproline, Turkey’s first e-commerce and e-entrepreneurship course, under the Ministry of National Education. In the next 7 years, he trained approximately 5,000 e-entrepreneurs with his team and provided coaching and consultancy services. In 2011, he took part as producer and general secretary in the holding of Turkey’s first Digital Economy Summit at the Hilton Convention Centre. Berke Sarpaş, who founded Sarpaş Danışmanlık A.Ş. in 2013 and is a former Google Regional Trainer and CSA (Celebrity Speakers Agency) speaker, is married and has one child. Currently, as the founder, mentor and trainer of Venture Warrior, he continues to train thousands of entrepreneurial candidates as a Venture Warrior.