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The first feature of the Venture Warrior
that caught my attention was the expression “multi-disciplinary
training" used in its promotion. As an individual who has worked in
different business areas and has different interests, I have believed for years
that all of my features should meet at a common point. It was as if that
Instagram ad came before me to fulfil my belief that the different colours that
make me who I am will carry me to a new place in the future…

I am very fond of animals and art. I
feed on music. In addition to my main profession, journalism, I am a project
manager with a PMP certificate. After nearly 20 years of experience in America,
I returned to Turkey in 2016. I met the Venture Warrior team while I was
questioning life about what I am doing, and more importantly, what I want to
do. Under the leadership of Berke Sarpaş and Özgül Sokullu, I completed an
educational process that would never have crossed my mind and rediscovered
myself in every aspect. I saw what I could achieve, I watched with pleasure the
things that motivated me come to the surface one by one. In the meantime, I
made new friendships that will last a lifetime.

If you think that the Venture Warrior
process will be easy, you are very wrong. You can be sure that you will undergo
a serious evolution in the spiritual, physical, and mental sense. You will
struggle a lot, get angry from time to time, cry sometimes, need a lot of help
but never want to give up. Being a Venture Warrior is the most valuable gift
you can give yourself, without any hesitation, when you complete all the
trainings and say, “I’ll do it all over again".