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We Will Do What’s Necessary

We have a team that never dread,
give up, and can make a difference,
and centuries ahead…

The first and only interdisciplinary entrepreneurship program of the world, Venture Warrior was established by Berke Sarpaş. It was officially and publicly launched on August 30, 2013. Coming to life with the mission to train enduring and skilful entrepreneurs at first, the project has grown, developed and separated into different stages within the years.  

It turned into a community consisting of different disciplines within its organization and able to train entrepreneurs to produce quick solutions for the mega problems of the world with their projects by adapting to the new world order and changes.  

It has built a strong corporate culture with the aim of surviving for centuries. Today, its corporate structure is managed by the Central Executive Board (MYK) teams consisting of Venture Warriors and Master Entrepreneurs, the successful graduates of the program. 

Venture Warrior procedures were accredited in accordance with SO 9001:2015 standards by TÜVRehinland. And its bank accounts are inspected monthly by the certified public accountants of Nelsus Independent Audit company regularly, and a full certification report is sent to the tax office.

Venture Warrior Manifesto

In an era where the world’s resources are depleting at an alarming rate, and the global population has surged threefold since the Second World War, we are witnessing an unprecedented escalation of social issues. Migration crises, climate emergencies, pandemics, and conflicts loom large, casting a shadow of vulnerability over our rapidly spinning world.

These pressing global challenges are not distant spectacles, but stark realities reflected on the screens of our mobile phones. As our exposure to these issues increases, so does the urgency for “awareness" and “sensitivity" as universal values. 

Yet, the institutions of yesteryear, whether political or bureaucratic, struggle to keep pace with our evolving needs. NGOs, hampered by reliance on donations, high turnover rates, and the inherent challenges of volunteerism, grapple to offer sustainable solutions. Meanwhile, companies treating social responsibility as a mere marketing tactic exacerbate rather than alleviate the problems.

Throughout this period, the global deployment of the capitalist market’s ‘invisible hand’ has proven adept at market regulation. However, this same hand bears responsibility for the climate crisis, species depletion, and the stark reality where 1% of the world’s population controls 60% of its wealth.

In this post-capitalist epoch, our world yearns for a new breed of entrepreneurial heroes who can effectively tackle these social issues and usher in a new socio-economic paradigm. Our planet seeks warriors who can heal its wounds. 

The warriors who dare to proclaim, “I can fight.” You, me and us…

We firmly believe that this world holds the potential for significant improvement. It can happen where individuals actively combat social issues, intertwine profit with purpose, empathize with global challenges, and embody traits such as superior performance, visionary leadership, resilience, altruism, wisdom, determination, fairness, and transparency.

We embrace the emergence of a new generation of entrepreneurship, driven by dedication and innovation.

With our comprehensive training program encompassing three stages, 23 mentors, and 19 consultants delivering 190 lessons and 113 practical applications totaling 420 hours, we are forging Venture Warriors equipped with the skills to spearhead this transformation. These are wise warriors who confront their fears, dispel negative thoughts, and navigate through stress and anxiety with unwavering determination and clarity of purpose.

We offer lifelong organized support to our graduates from the training programs. Our aim is to raise highly skilled entrepreneurs who share the same vision and speak the same language, enabling them to develop revolutionary solutions through trust-based, flexible collaboration.

If you believe you could be one of the heroes the new era is seeking, join us in establishing a post-capitalist business that wins and empowers. 

Apply, graduate, and become a part of our mission. 

Let’s heal the world together.


Quality Policy

In line with the mission of the Venture Warrior, while transferring progressive and innovative knowledge with the trainings prepared with a developed vision and suitable for the new world order, by providing an education that will enable people to realize their potential, to train entrepreneurs who will solve the social problems of the world and to bring out their projects with VEW teaching.

Quality Objectives

  • To publish the Venture Warrior book in English and to popularize the Venture Warrior Perspective in the international arena.
  • To publish the Venture Warrior book in Audio Book and to tell more people about the Venture Warrior Perspective.
  • To bring the GİS Perspective to more people by having Berke Sarpas explain Venture Warrior Book in different media.
  • To increase brand awareness by delivering the Venture Warrior promotional kit to 500 senior managers, social entrepreneurs and press members across Turkey.
  • Ensuring that the Venture Warrior takes part as a speaker at two international events.
  • To complete preparations to expand abroad in 2025.
  • To deliver the English version of the Venture Warrior book to 300 social entrepreneurs around the world in 2024, thus making it easier for the Venture Warrior to enter foreign markets.
  • To apply to three international entrepreneurship competitions as VEW.
  • To complete the Venture Warrior brand and visual identity work and the website in 2024.
  • To organize an international summit in the field of entrepreneurship in 2025.
  • Meeting targets for Venture Warrior training enrollment.
  • Keeping the NPS value above 60 points in Venture Warrior training.
  • To ensure customer satisfaction by constantly improving training at every stage. To ensure that the Adaptation, Recruit Corps and Master Corps program objectives are achieved.
  • Establishment of Venture Warrior company in Germany in 2024.
  • Establishing the partner and mentor staff of Venture Warrior company and opening social media accounts.