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We Will Do What's Necessary

We have a team that never dread,
give up, and can make a difference,
and centuries ahead…

The first and only interdisciplinary entrepreneurship program of the world, Entrepreneurial Warrior was established by Berke Sarpaş. It was officially and publicly launched on August 30, 2013. Coming to life with the mission to train enduring and skilful entrepreneurs at first, the project has grown, developed and separated into different stages within the years.  

It turned into a community consisting of different disciplines within its organization and able to train entrepreneurs to produce quick solutions for the mega problems of the world with their projects by adapting to the new world order and changes.  

It has built a strong corporate culture with the aim of surviving for centuries. Today, its corporate structure is managed by the Central Executive Board (MYK) teams consisting of Entrepreneurial Warriors and Master Entrepreneurs, the successful graduates of the program. 

Entrepreneurial Warrior procedures were accredited in accordance with SO 9001:2015 standards by TÜVRehinland. And its bank accounts are inspected monthly by the certified public accountants of Nelsus Independent Audit company regularly, and a full certification report is sent to the tax office.

Entrepreneurial Warrior Manifesto

Entrepreneurial Warriors fight against their greatest enemy first, their own selves.

They never dread or give up fighting against their fears, negative thoughts, stress, anxiety, ego, or false facts.

Being an Entrepreneurial Warrior is not only about setting up a business, it is also turning entrepreneurship into a life philosophy that can be performed in all areas.

It is an ability to force the limits, courage, and resilience to the end.

It is to be a warrior and a winner instead of an ordinary employee. 

It is to determine a life goal and move forward to that goal with concrete steps. 

It is to gain wisdom, to know oneself, become a team, and determine the life goal. 

It is to become aware of oneself and make a difference.  

 It is to see, know, reform, challenge, think outside the box, fight against oneself, physical difficulties, and everything that takes the soul away from success.

We don't just aim to train entrepreneurs we want to train entrepreneurs who can solve social problems in the international community by producing projects that make a difference.

To train and support Entrepreneurial Warriors who can find solutions for the mega problems of the world, leave a trace, inspire, pioneer…


Quality Policy

In line with the mission of the Entrepreneurial Warrior, while transferring progressive and innovative knowledge with the trainings prepared with a developed vision and suitable for the new world order, by providing an education that will enable people to realize their potential, to train entrepreneurs who will solve the social problems of the world and to bring out their projects with GIS teaching.

Quality Objectives

* Documenting our quality management system in a way to realize the ISO 9001 standard and making it open to continuous improvement,

* Working in cooperation to achieve results that always aim for perfection by correctly transferring the idea of ​​quality to all employees from inside and outside,

* Adopting the transfer of activities that will improve performance as a way of doing business by regularly controlling all processes,

* Continuous updating of education with progressive, altruistic and courageous approaches,

* Increasing the efficiency of all processes and customer satisfaction at the end of the training with the continuous improvement approach,

* Including the values ​​of Entrepreneurial Warrior, altruism, entrepreneurship, perseverance, wisdom, fairness, transparency, teamwork, merit in all our work.

* To ensure that the projects of the Entrepreneur Warrior graduates come out with an altruistic approach in accordance with internationalization and that these projects turn into companies in an order that focuses on combating social problems and where employees live a team life.