DİYETHANEM - Girişim Savaşçısı


My Diethouse

While we are all looking for something to invest in, isn't investing in our own soul and body the best investment? We have no place to live but our body. Our body is our house, and our soul is the roof of that house. So why don't we take good care of our home? Why are we constantly exposed to foods and beverages that threaten our health? Why can't we face our fears and be free?

According to World Health Organization data, obesity has increased by 10-30% in Europe and Asia in the last 12 years. Obesity, which is caused by wrong eating habits, brings along psychological diseases such as depression and anxiety disorders in addition to chronic diseases, bone-joint diseases. People always have an opinion about nutrition, but there is no correct information! The concept of body image deteriorates in individuals who are lost in this information pollution. Although there are different diet systems to solve obesity, none of them is a solution to this problem. Because these diets are not personalized and applicable. People who falter in this unsustainable system begin to feel worse, and this situation continues in a vicious circle.

We do not want such an order! We aim for a world where the soul is healthy as well as the body, and psychological diseases are reduced. We want these changes not to happen in a short time, and for individuals to be permanently conscious and healthy.

We give you the opportunity to make the biggest investment in your future, that is, in yourself.

We provide you with the opportunity to remove this problem from your life with our multidisciplinary approach with personalized diagnosis and treatments. In our story, there are those who love themselves, discover themselves, and take good care of their bodies. Let's recreate your story!

The initiative, which was brought to life by Venture Warrior Graduate Zinnur Küçükköseleci, provides diet and nutrition consultancy services in a gamified process, accompanied by expert dietitians and psychologists

Venture Warrior Graduate