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What is Venture Warrior?

Venture Warrior is the unprecedented, first and only interdisciplinary entrepreneurship organization. With the support of 25 senior experts from different disciplines, it enables you to have a 360-degree experience of entrepreneurship and learn it thoroughly. It trains visionary, disciplined, equipped, powerful entrepreneurs who can make a difference. It contains extraordinary theoretical and practical applications. You can realize your own potential during training and make a difference with your own project afterwards. After successfully graduating from the program, you are admitted to our community and receive organized support. Our graduates continue to receive lifelong support after the training. We fight against the social problems of the international community through out the projects we create side by side.

Who are These Venture Warriors?

Entrepreneurs are warriors. They pursue their passions, dreams and goals. They are not driven by ego but the search for wisdom. True entrepreneurs focus on value before money, they keep the thrill of being able to change the world above everything else. They live fearlessly towards their goals without worrying about being right, leaving a trace and always being remembered. They turn the philosophy of entrepreneurship into a life philosophy.

We call these true entrepreneurs with the potential of changing the future as “Venture Warriors". Because there is not much difference between a great warrior and a successful entrepreneur. Both start out by overcoming their inner battles. Both require courage, knowledge, accumulation, diligence and resilience to be what they are. And both experience the team life until the end, manage their emotions, control their thoughts, take over responsibility in any condition, endure pain and pressure and never give up on their dreams and their passion to struggle with the social problems.

How Did the Venture Warrior Program Come to Existence?

The day we invented the wheel, we started resisting nature. Resisting natural selection and even entropy with its inventions, human race is now rapidly moving on a bicycle without brakes and all they can do is to turn the pedals faster every other day! It is a must for our existence to bring solutions with entrepreneurship projects to the ever-increasing problems of the world. We mean, if we don't wish to die due to global warming, infections or lack of water…

And where are these brave and idealist entrepreneurs to solve these problems with their projects?

Entrepreneurship centres around the world today focus not on people but on projects. The general approach of these centres is based on trying to rapidly develop the entrepreneur's project with a number of casual training and consultancy services and sealing the deal by bringing these projects together with the investor as soon as possible. But an entrepreneur comes before the project. Because there is a person at the heart of each work! At the base of the rapid success stories of billion-dollar enterprises of the new economy, lies not their business ideas or models but their warrior teams who use and manage these sources the best way possible. The common feature of these warriors is that they are so much more mature than the average person. Those that are not mature enough personally and technically cannot create projects that will change the world. These entrepreneurs are bound to come to a deadlock at a certain stage even if they receive investment.

So, our priority is not projects but entrepreneurs. For this, we primarily offer a very special and unique training process for our entrepreneurs. In this training, they redefine their lives and themselves, increase their awareness, gain mental resilience, broaden their vision, enhance their wisdom and take all their technical and theoretical knowledge to a thorough level. They can set up their own businesses in the simplest form even before the training is completed. Thus, they set out for their direction with a strong foundation. Afterwards, those who succeed in the program are admitted into our graduate community to come together with other graduates with whom they can speak the same language and share the same values and receive lifelong organized support here.

The Venture Warrior aims to train and support entrepreneurs capable of producing solutions to the major social problems of the world with their projects.

Why Not Venture Peacemaker but Warrior?

Our war is not against what is around us, but ourselves. Against the ego that we've built over the years, the juggler that draws us into traps, the negative parts of our primitive brains, our limits and dogmas… According to American SEALs, an average person only uses one-twentieth of their existing potential. And only those who dare to realize their own potential to the fullest by challenging their limits, who can control their emotions, discover and focus on their life goals can achieve outstanding success. For us, entrepreneurship is not just about establishing a business. We can talk about entrepreneurship when people discover their life goals and live for it with their full capacity by managing their emotions, thoughts and bodies, eliminating the obstacles in their way and never giving up. Our graduates include a very wide scale of Venture Warriors who develop applications, do e-commerce and foreign trade, write books, get promotions, conduct social responsibility projects, or win medals in sports activities. Each person who devote their lives to fight for what they believe in, never compromise their values, manage their thoughts, emotions and bodies in a healthy way, have a large impact on the people around them and put social benefit at the heart of what they do is an Venture Warrior. And yes, this is only possible if we can fight against ourselves.

What do you promise?

An unprecedented and unique training with lifelong support afterwards. Throughout this interdisciplinary program, you will adopt all the tricks of entrepreneurship, broaden your vision, increase your mental and physical resilience to the maximum, bring out your true potential, increase your self-confidence and establish your own business from scratch. Technically, you will become a person of many parts and turn into an expert that the companies look for in our day. If you graduate successfully, you will receive organized support from other graduates through our community and reach your top goals with the help of our partner organizations.

What is your difference?

There are 8 features that make the Venture Warrior unique:

1.) Venture Warrior is one of the first interdisciplinary entrepreneurship programs in the world. It teaches entrepreneurship by providing you with a 360-degree perspective. You learn thinking big, looking at subjects and events with a holistic and multi-directional perspective.

2.) Our program is the only system in Turkey that enables you to establish your own business step by step from scratch.

3.) Even if you don't have any business idea, you can come up with one during the program.

4.) Given to successful graduates at the end of the program, the Master Entrepreneur Certificate and Venture Warrior Certificate are valid at corporate companies, investor networks and several entrepreneurship centres across Turkey, and they provide you priority in your applications there.

5.) You are admitted into our community at the end of the program and you can collaborate with our past graduates who share the same competence and values with you.

6.) Venture Warrior has a unique and special philosophy, understanding, culture, special uniforms, medals, certificates and even a chamber choir.

7) Our program is the only system in Turkey to increase the personal potential, psychological, mental, physical capacity and resilience and raise awareness of entrepreneur candidates.

8.) Our program is the only entrepreneurship program that can offer the highest number and variety of courses and applications with a total of 190 classes and 101 applications in Turkey. You will learn everything you need in a lump without delay and equip yourself with whatever you need.

9.) The Venture Warrior carefully educates and supports real entrepreneurs who will fight the social issues of the international community and live a meaningful life on this path.

What are the advantages of participating in this program?

Above everything, you will raise your awareness, discover your true potential, broaden your vision, gain great knowledge and go through a personal change and transform in such a short time with this extraordinary training. You will leave the training with the support of a motivated and goal-oriented group.

The program teaches you mental resilience, emotional flexibility, not giving up, stress management, controlling your emotions, thoughts and bodies properly for outstanding success. It enhances your wisdom, inspires a superior lifestyle and provides you with all the necessary technical knowledge and gives you the opportunity to establish your own business step by step. If you succeed, you will not be alone in expanding your business after the program. Our other graduates and trainers will always be by your side.

Master Entrepreneur Certificate and Venture Warrior Certificate enable you to apply for corporate companies as an “in-house entrepreneur". Certificates you receive are accepted by several investor networks and incubation centres. In this way, you will be more likely to get an investment.

Do the mentors on your website attend your trainings?

Venture Warrior is supported by important people from different sectors. Achieving great success, these experts have trusted the vision, philosophy, system and the future of the Venture Warrior and have become a part of our team. Accordingly, at least 80% of our mentors you have seen on our website train you in person in every period. Additionally, our mentors keep meeting with our union members one-to-one within the scope of GIA (VEW in Action Unit).

Who can participate in Venture Warrior trainings?

Mostly, professionals from different occupational groups who aim to establish their own business while leading an active business life, entrepreneurs-to-be who want to realize their own projects, employees who want to be entrepreneurs and don't know where to start, company owners who want to make their businesses more professional and aim to be senior managers in the future, qualified experts who look for a job and develop their career, people who want to achieve outstanding success in different branches such as art and sports, and university students who want to broaden their perspectives before venturing into the business world apply for our program. Although the participant portfolio changes, the common goal for all of our participants is to find out their own purpose and to struggle against the social problems of the international community through their own projects.

Do you provide business ideas during the program?

Yes. Creating business ideas is a part of this program. We determine the business ideas of all participants together during classes. You don't need to have a business idea when you take part in the program. However, if you have a business idea, then firstly, we sign a confidentiality agreement with you in line with your written request and then listen to your idea and coach you to develop it.

How is your application procedure?

First, you read our website in detail and then you fill the form from our application page. We have 30 questions for you here. It is very important for us that you answer our questions with attention and in detail. If we find your form suitable, we invite you to a private program called VEW Rally. Here, we give you basic information on the components of the new world order, interdisciplinary perspective in entrepreneurship, mental resilience, the structure of the Venture Warrior, and the actual entrepreneurship model and we answer your questions. To attend the program, your pre-application form must be approved, and you must have attended the VEW Rally program.

The real eliminations in Venture Warrior are during the trainings. Those who can pass the Beginner Unit stage can attend the Master Unit. People who also pass the Master Unit can attend our community as Master Entrepreneur or Venture Warrior. Those who are eliminated at training can continue their training but cannot attend our community after the end of the training.

How often do you open this program?

VEW Adaptation Training opens 8 times in one season.

VEW Beginner Union opens 6 times in a season. Only those who can graduate from the Adaptation Stage can apply.

VEW Master Union opens 3 times in April and November within a season. Only those, who can graduate from the Beginner Union can apply.

The application for each period is open during the season and closed when the quota is full.

What can I do with the help of this program?

In our program;

You can set up and actualize a special web project or a techno initiative from scratch.

You can set up your own e-commerce website by developing an extraordinary concept for a product and start to retail internationally.

You can work as foreign trade mediator by marketing the products of Turkey abroad.

You can distribute or represent different and interesting foreign product groups in Turkey.

You can establish a chain of stores or restaurants.

You can develop a global mobile app.

You can conduct an international social entrepreneurship project.

You can achieve outstanding success in art or sports.

You can design a very unusual product or service and market it globally.

You can promote your existing enterprise more efficiently with digital marketing methods and various technological applications, make your infrastructure more professional, lower your costs, have better access to new customer sources, increase your profitability, receive investments and globalise your business.

You can become an in-house entrepreneur, get a promotion/transfer to a senior manager position in multinational corporations in time.

Is your program paid?

No funds are used in the Venture Warrior Adaptation, Training and Master stages, which are open to individual participation. The biggest reason for this is our liberal and independent stance. Another reason is our belief that every individual who wants to be an entrepreneur should be ready to pay the price, regardless of the circumstances. Accordingly, our program is paid and all participants cover their own costs. Spending company profits on the personal wealth of company owners and super luxury consumption are prohibited in accordance with our internal regulations. The entire budget allocated for company profit is spent on direct investment to develop the VEW. All income and expenses are audited on a monthly basis by the VEW Special Association and the authorized sworn financial advisors of the independent audit company, and a full certification report is submitted to the tax office. Additionally, their accounts are open to public inspection. VEW is also a signatory of the Open Account Pact movement that it initiated.

I already have a job. Can I attend the program?

Yes. A considerable part of applications consists of entrepreneur candidates who actively continue their work, but in the meantime want to set up their own business or develop their career. The program is conducted face-to-face on weekends, and online at weeknights to allow active employees to attend. Additionally, the Adaptation stage can preferably be taken completely live or online. However, the program works with practices. Get ready for challenges.

Do you provide any certificate at the end of the program?

The Beginner Union Participation Certificate is given to the candidate who is accepted to VEW Beginner Union and has attended the program and has a maximum of 2 warning penalties. The candidate who received the third warning cannot attend the Master Unit Program in the next stage and cannot receive any certificate. They are disassociated from VEW.

Graduates who are admitted into the VEW Master Unit and graduate from there with 2 warnings at the most and whose project is approved by the VEW Central Executive Board receive Venture Warrior Certification, and whose project is not approved or who receive 4 warnings are given Master Entrepreneur Certificate. Applicants who get 5 warnings do not receive any certificate and they are disassociated from VEW after the course period.

What is the common feature of those who are successful in this training?

Being determined to struggle with the universal social problems and to be fair. These are the key values that open the doors in the VEW world. The greatest foundation of people who successfully graduate from VEW is to be highly determined, passionate and they treat their environment fairly.

How long are the graduates supported?

We established the Venture Warrior to provide lifelong support to those who can successfully graduate from our Master Unit. That's why we support our graduates for life. Because, in our opinion, entrepreneurship is a lifelong adventure, and the Venture Warrior was established to continue its presence for centuries.

VEW Adaptation Training: 

June – 9 June 19.00-24.00 Arası / Live in the Virtual Classroom with Camera, Online

22 July – 28 July 19.00-24.00 / Live in the Virtual Classroom with Camera, Online