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Turn your Team Mates into a Warrior!

In today’s global, competitive and overwhelming economy, your company can grow only by turning your fellow team members into intrapreneurs. The underlying driving force in the rapid growth of billion-dollar companies of the new economy is their employees that are intrapreneurs. The primary factor that makes these companies grow rapidly is not their business ideas or their digital-based business, but their teams that have a Warrior spirit and make best use of these resources!

Venture Warrior trains your team by a special staff consisting of a SAT Commando, Aikido Sensei, Clinical Psychologist and Entrepreneur Mentor accompanied with outdoor practices; thus, maximizes the coordination behaviour, emotional attachment, team communication by improving such skills as focusing under stress, mental endurance, fast and correct decision-making.

You can use our program to improve your current team as well as using it as performance criteria in your next recruitment process.

With Venture Warrior Corporate©;

  • Communication, trust and coordination between your employees can be strengthened
  • Your team’s level of unity and resilience against challenges can be increased
  • Empathy, effective listening, sharing and collaboration understanding between your employees can be strengthened
  • Your team members’ ability to make decisions as right as possible (using initiative) under stress can be developed
  • Inner motivation and self-confidence of your employees can be improved
  • Awareness of your team members can be increased to allow them to find their way better within the team and perform with a focus on their strengths
  • Your employees’ skills of planning and correct task sharing can be improved
  • Your team’s skill of efficient use of time can be improved
  • Your team’s mood management and anger control skills can be improved
  • Your team’s behaviors of giving/receiving feedback and accepting criticism can be improved
  • Your team can create a shared memoir, experience and past that will be talked about for years
  • Your team can develop customized projects for your company during our program
  • Your team may familiar itself closely with the new economy, technology and innovative working methods
  • Your team can gain the habit of success by improving their skill of accomplishing results

Venture Warrior Enterprise grooms in-company entrepreneurs that focus on their strengths, are hard-working and never give up trying and in this way aims changing companies.

Teaching Staff

Creator of Entrepreneurial Warrior Program/ VEW Mentor Entrepreneur Coach
6th Dan Aikido Sensei / Compatibility Expert VEW Mentor
Expert Clinical Psychologist / Psychology Specialist VEW Mentor
SAT Commando / Offense Specialist VEW Mentor

Your teammates will learn to deal with difficulties, act strategically and reveal their true potential with SAT Commando Hakan Çalışkan.

Your team will learn how to create maximum impact using minimum force and win by adapting with Aikido Sensei Halis Duran,

Internal employees will learn emotional control, cope with stress, and increase personal awareness with Expert Clinical Psychologist Barış Gürkaş.

Your teammates will transform the philosophy of entrepreneurship into a philosophy of life with Entrepreneur Mentor Berke Sarpaş who has trained thousands of successful entrepreneurs and achieved many firsts in his field.