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Gis Chorus

Gis Chorus

The Choir of Eudaimonia

Real entrepreneurship is,

to be able to make your voice heard throguh goal oriented projects.

Entreprise is an art. Abstract concepts such as design, story, layout, aesthetics play a significant role in entrepreneurship projects. Dealing with art contributes to these skills of the entrepreneur, broadens his/her perspective and paves the way for him/her to developing extraordinary projects.

Entrepreneurship is multivocality. The ability to create a symphony from different voices. The ability to bring together and integrate abstract concepts like story, design, aesthetic, expression. Each entrepreneur nourishes their soul with art and develops these abilities. They develop and have a unique perspective to come up with extraordinary projects. 

Entrepreneurial Warrior Chamber Choir started in May 2015 and is the first entrepreneur chamber choir in Turkey. GIS Choir represents the importance of art in the life of entrepreneurs and emphasises the values about entrepreneurship in the songs. GIS Choir consists of permanent members who have voice training under our organisation.

GIS Adaptation Training: 

5 February – 10 February 19.00-24.00 Arası / Live in the Virtual Classroom with Camera, Online

9 April – 14 April  19.00-24.00 / Live in the Virtual Classroom with Camera, Online