GLADSTURE - Girişim Savaşçısı



Gladsture is a brand that set out with the aim of returning to the natural. Inspired by the cultural, it reinterprets the traditional hammam concept in a natural and sustainable way, blending it with today’s spa concept.

It desires to increase the mental, physical, and spiritual quality of life of individuals with its products to be used in daily care routines. It develops the products in its product range with the motto of “please the nature" and presents it as natural, healthy, waste-free, and sustainable. It proceeds in a human and environment friendly manner by observing fair and sustainable methods at every step.

The initiative, which was brought to life by VEW graduate Nurgül Mete, develops new generation personal care products that reduce water consumption at every point from the production stage to the usage stage.

Venture Warrior Alumni

Founder / GIS Alumni