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Entrepreneurship Program

We Train Entrepreneurial Warriors.

Every new venture is a relentless struggle against obstacles and difficulties.
Become aware of your power and resilience with this unique training, make a difference!

Entrepreneur Candidates

The Entrepreneurial Warrior program gives people the opportunity to turn into successful, resolute, decisive entrepreneurs with broad visions who can think big, establish their businesses in thousands of different sectors or conduct special projects in businesses. Whether you start your own business or aim for a top-level career in the biz world or desire to achieve outstanding success in sports or art…If you want to create a difference in life, leave your mark in people’s lives and to struggle with universal social problems, GİS is here to give you a hand.

Interdisciplinary Training

GİS is the first interdisciplinary entrepreneurship training in the world. It trains modern warriors able to cope with universal social problems. It teaches multifaceted thinking. The trainings include many different practices. During intensive field practices, we give in-depth lectures to participants, we teach the critical points of the business, conduct practices to
increase their mental resilience, strengthen their skills of leadership and teamwork, and we work to improve their inspiration, analysis, strategy development, action, process management, and result achieving skills.

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GİS Mentor Staff

Strengthen Your Competence

Learn everything necessary to reach your goals with 214 classes and 103 unusual practices. Don't lose time with many tries.

Think Interdisciplinary

Broaden your vision, have a diverse perspective with 30 mentors from different disiplines. Discover the big picture.

Never Give Up Your Goals

Find out your purpose, identify your  targests, increase your self-confidence and wisdom with intense field applications. Become invincible.

Get Lifelong Support

Get lifelong organized support, have your mentors and teammates by your side until the end of your life. Never walk alone.

GIS in Numbers

We fit countless achievements, hundreds of inspiring stories and changing lives into 8 years. But we're just starting now. We have a history to make and we are ready like never before.

GİS Mentor's Faruk Eczacibasi



More than 1000 participants in 8 years



More than 500 entrepreneurship projects


Hours of Training

Over ten thousand hours of training

Over 100 Million TRY


Entrepreneurs with high worth in Turkey

stress slider
is always prepared for
pressure and stress
The Entrepreneurial Warrior;
can overcome them in any condition.
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can put the
idea of an enterprise
only 7 days.
The Entrepreneurial Warrior
into operation in
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think beyond
the frame.
Entrepreneurial Warriors;
mücadeleye adar
risk their life
for their beliefs.
Entrepreneurial Warriors
değerlerden taviz
never compromise
on their values.
Entrepreneurial Warriors;
konfor alanı
step out of their
comfort zone.
Entrepreneurial Warriors;
gerçekler üzerinden
manage based on facts.
They are transparent and sincere.
Entrepreneurial Warriors;
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have enough knowledge
of what they do.
Entrepreneurial Warriors;
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always improve themselves
with regular R&D activities.
Entrepreneurial Warriors;
can change
but never lose track of their goals.
their route,
Model Entrepreneurial Warriors
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Interdisiplinery Cirriculum

The New World Order

Digital life and economy, a brief history of humanity, the development of the Internet and the rise of the robots, disruption, algorithmic thinking, design thinking, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, genetics and DNA, gamification, data management, the principles of quantum physics, trusts and crowdfunding, transaction flow and general terminology in e-commerce, the state of offline commerce, human/robot cooperation in the new order, artificial intelligence systems and the future design 

Philosophy of Entrepreneurship 

Entrepreneurship and game-changer, great illusion, profiles in entrepreneurship, values and qualities in entrepreneurship, diplomacy of entrepreneurship, CEO's perspective, free and in-house entrepreneurship models, Entrepreneurship War, real entrepreneurship model, improving the diameter and revolutionary entrepreneurship

Leadership Skills

Developing a leadership character, servant leadership, work and relationship management methods, mission-driven leadership, power codes, golden circle, codes of conduct, communication, persuasion, mediation methods, negotiation processes, communication burden, networking and photographic memory, speed reading, diction, professional image, advanced presentation techniques, personnel selection and team management, inspiring and motivating masses

Military Perspective and Strategy

Warrior spirit, Bushido philosophy, limitless thinking style, acquiring work discipline, concentration, resilience, increasing self-confidence, resisting mobbing, controlling amygdala, identifying and resisting lying/manipulation/distortion/cheating elements, methods of gathering information and deciphering the truth, intuitive decision-making, process and result orientation, never quitting, developing a success habit, and OODA loop 

The Effect of Psychology on Business Management

Brain anatomy, psychology in communication, vocal externalization, Socratic questioning, subliminal messages, personal awareness, monoidealism, improvement of senses, coping with depression, stress management, mood control, mental resilience, emotional flexibility, meditative level, breath, point focusing, fight against ego and juggler, prompting, cognitive distortions and behavioural therapy, topological thought and neurotransmittic effects 

Business Start-up Process

Creativity workshop, methods of finding and developing business ideas, using variables, cross perspective, Hedgehog Model, Blue Ocean Strategy, Parkinson's law, performing value innovation, strategy canvas, business model canvas, empathy map, polling, commercial modellings, SCAMPER approach, project maturation stages and lean entrepreneurship, elevator pitch, attraction quad, preparing and presenting business plans and financial tables

Electronic Business Infrastructures

Creating and managing websites, creating banners, introduction films, e-catalogues, jingles and other electronic promotion materials, installing servers, operators and digital automation systems, basic level coding (Python) and WordPress website creation

Operational Flow

Supply chain, delivery and process management in logistics, electronic collection systems, customer relations management and CRM applications, R&D activities, volume, multiplication and scaling models, optimization of business processes and cycle acceleration activities

Marketing and Sales

Creating briefs, creating and positioning brands, conventional and digital marketing, neuro-marketing, social media page, campaign and ad management, mobile marketing, Google Adwords applications, search engine optimization (SEO), mass e-mailing systems, e-CRM, blogging and growth hacking, State and Endowment Models, sales facilitators and job evaluation 

International Trade

Foreign trade regulation and tricks, international delivery and payment methods, documents used in foreign trade, e-foreign trade applications, national and international market researches, digitalizing business processes in foreign trade, micro export, b2b marketing, b2b electronic market places, customer finding methods in foreign trade, funneling, vectorial marketing and sector-specific research

General Trade Regulation

Brand and patent, fundamental trade law and contracts, corporations and legal obligations, fundamental IT law and digital signatures, finance sources, investment/risk funds, incentives, loans and grants, company structures, accounting systematics and relations with states

Universal Benefit

Contributing to the environment and all living beings, happiness perception, universe-oriented perspective, social responsibility consciousness, developing social campaigns, UN global goals, mixed approach model, holistic perspective, social entrepreneurship and sensitive citizenship 

GIS Adaptation Training: 

June – 9 June 19.00-24.00 Arası / Live in the Virtual Classroom with Camera, Online

22 July – 28 July 19.00-24.00 / Live in the Virtual Classroom with Camera, Online