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Entrepreneurship Program

We Train Venture Warriors.

Become a new-generation entrepreneur who can heal the world with his project through the world's very first and only interdisciplinary entrepreneurship training program; The Venture Warrior.

Get a complete 360-degree training including 190 lessons, 101 exercises and one-on-one support from 23 mentors, 17 consultants, 12 partner institution and 2 professional coaches. 

Entrepreneur Candidates

The Venture Warrior program gives people the opportunity to turn into successful, resolute, decisive entrepreneurs with broad visions who can think big, establish their businesses in thousands of different sectors or conduct special projects in businesses. Whether you start your own business or aim for a top-level career in the biz world or desire to achieve outstanding success in sports or art…If you want to create a difference in life, leave your mark in people’s lives and to struggle with universal social problems, VEW is here to give you a hand.

Interdisciplinary Training

VEW is the first interdisciplinary entrepreneurship training in the world. It trains modern warriors able to cope with universal social problems. It teaches multifaceted thinking. The trainings include many different practices. During intensive field practices, we give in-depth lectures to participants, we teach the critical points of the business, conduct practices to increase their mental resilience, strengthen their skills of leadership and teamwork, and we work to improve their inspiration, analysis, strategy development, action, process management, and result achieving skills.

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VEW Mentor Staff

Strengthen Your Competence

Learn everything you need to know to reach your goals with 190 lessons and 101 extraordinary exercises. Don't loose time with many tries.

Think Interdisciplinary

Broaden your vision, have a diverse perspective with 25 mentors and 17 consultants from different disciplines. Discover the big picture.

Never Give Up Your Goals

Find out your purpose, identify your  targests, increase your self-confidence and wisdom with intense field applications. Become invincible.

Get Lifelong Support

Get lifelong organized support, have your mentors and teammates by your side until the end of your life. Never walk alone.

VEW in Numbers

We fit countless achievements, hundreds of inspiring stories and changing lives into the past 10 years. But we're just starting now. We have a history to make and we are ready like never before.

GİS Mentor's Faruk Eczacibasi



More than 1000 participants in ten years



More than 500 entrepreneurship projects 


Hours of Training

Over ten thousand hours of training

stress slider
is always prepared for
pressure and stress
The Entrepreneurial Warrior;
can overcome them in any condition.
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can put the
idea of an enterprise
only 7 days.
The Entrepreneurial Warrior
into operation in
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think beyond
the frame.
Entrepreneurial Warriors;
mücadeleye adar
risk their life
for their beliefs.
Entrepreneurial Warriors
değerlerden taviz
never compromise
on their values.
Entrepreneurial Warriors;
konfor alanı
step out of their
comfort zone.
Entrepreneurial Warriors;
gerçekler üzerinden
manage based on facts.
They are transparent and sincere.
Entrepreneurial Warriors;
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have enough knowledge
of what they do.
Entrepreneurial Warriors;
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always improve themselves
with regular R&D activities.
Entrepreneurial Warriors;
can change
but never lose track of their goals.
their route,
Model Entrepreneurial Warriors
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Interdisciplinary and Experiential Curriculum

Expand Your Vision and Design Your Future

Exponential technologies and initiatives at the border, futuristic foresight and trending studies, new generation entrepreneurship perspective, components of superior success and the formula of perseverance, “Change Agent” skill sets, Venture Warrior perspective, universal and heterogeneous perspective, understanding of entrepreneurship focused on life and sustainability, quantum mechanics, genetics, psychology, philosophy, economic and structural relationships between singularity and entrepreneurship, differentiating business ideas with an interdisciplinary perspective, creating entrepreneurial routines and future design.

gis yeni dünya düzeni

Get Your Purpose Right and Mobilize the Masses with the World Declaration

Heroic architecture of business ethics, in-depth personality analysis and self-awareness acquisition, strength analysis and values identification, imagination and future prediction, curiosity analysis, defining personal life philosophy, life purpose identification, manifestation inference and personal legend creation, social problems and life purpose synthesis, Developing business ideas accordant with life purpose, writing manifestos and global declaration, transfusion and changing the world by mobilizing the masses.

gis girişimcilik felsefesi

Develop a Distinctive Concept, Create a Distinctive Product, and Build a Revolutionary Brand

International market research studies, surveying and mystery shopper activities, parameter determinations, Blue Ocean Strategy, Strategy Canvas, Porter Analysis, Golden Circle, Hedgehog Model, SCAMPER system, Business Model Canvas, Lean Entrepreneurship Model (MVP), Assumption Approach, gamification, persona identification, empathy map, brand house approach and Unique Value Proposition (UVP) construction, developing a distinctive project concept and building a revolutionary brand by product/service design, prototyping and pre-mass production .

gis liderlik

Build Your Digital Infrastructure, Automate Your Processes and Mobilize

Building and managing a website with WordPress, data analysis and effective CRM management, e-mail configurations and workflow architecture development, text messaging, virtual exchange, cloud server and API integrations, installation of SAAS and AIAAS automation systems and interconnection, the construction of robotic models, the mechanization of all routine business processes and the transformation into a mobile office.

Comply with Legislation, Prepare and Institutionalize Your Financing and Budget Plan

Basic business law and contracts, industrial patents, digital signatures, crowdfunding, client-based funding, incentives and grants and capital and resource creation, company structures, financial statements, financial forecasting and budgeting, accounting systematics, Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, DAOs and NFT market, IFRS standardization, regulation of relations with the government, institutionalization with ISO standardization, delivery and payment methods in foreign trade, documents used in foreign trade and practical process management in foreign trade.

girisimsavaşçısı piskoloji

Build Your Marketing and Sales Setup, Build Your Promotion Infrastructure and Start Selling

Neuro-marketing, brand communication, social media page, campaign and advertisement management, mobile marketing, Google AdWords applications, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Blogging, effective YouTube channel management techniques, influencer marketing, digital marketing strategy development and planning, banner, creation of promotional films, e-catalogues, jingles and other electronic promotional materials, State and Endowment Modelling, Growth Hacking techniques and data collection, retention and activation strategies, content marketing, UI/UX tests, A/B tests, sales strategy design and Beachhead approach, construction of the Decision Centre (DMU), B2B marketing techniques, finding customers from abroad, funnelling, vectorial marketing and sector-specific promotional activities and realization of sales.

girisimsavaşçısı iş kurma süreçleri

Strengthen Your Business and Relationship Management Skills, Increase Self-Control, and Become a Leader

Anatomy of the brain, mission-driven leadership, military perspective and activist thinking style, warrior spirit and determination to survive, never giving up, acquiring the habit of success and the OODA cycle, monoideism, detecting lies and manipulation, resisting intimidation, gathering information and deciphering the truth techniques, developing senses, mood control, mental toughness, emotional flexibility, stress management, increasing strength and self-confidence, meditative level, breathing, point focusing, suggestion, cognitive distortions and behavioural therapy, topological thinking and neurotransmitter effects, amygdala management, Socratic questioning , audio externalization, photographic memory, speed reading, diction, professional image, advanced presentation techniques, relationship management and mediation techniques, effective networking and communication load planning, personnel selection, servant leadership and multicultural team management