Ses Olsun - Girişim Savaşçısı

Ses Olsun


As Weber said years ago, “Music is the language of the human soul."
Every person on earth wants to rest, tell his troubles, share his life story with others and express his feelings. Take a look around today, people cannot explain, express themselves, feel that they are not understood.

We do not listen to each other, we cannot make our voices heard. That's why we offer you a platform where you can tell yourself, your stories. We do this through music. Because music is the most appropriate and effective tool for a person to express himself. SesOlsun Project; It aims to transform people's stories, feelings, what they want to tell, share, with music, to music, and to compositions for one person only.

Thanks to musicians or artificial intelligence, the universal language of music becomes the language of emotions. The burden of the stories that leave a trace on you is lessened in your soul, the emotions that accumulate in you are expressed with compositions. Emotional explosions leave their place to stillness. Thanks to music, we can hear each other better, understand, empathize, and build a world that rotates in harmony instead of conflict, anger and othering.
Because we dream of a future where the world is in harmony just like a symphony…

Venture Warrior Alumni

Founder / VEW Alumni