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Senyorapp aims to have a healthy age for the 50+ age group. The healthy aging process consists of active life, social life, and continuous learning experience. Senyorapp aims to help seniors (50+) lead an enjoyable and healthy life by helping them learn new skills, connect with others, and unlock new life experiences.

Taking its first steps in August 2020, Senyorapp set out as the most accessible way to age healthy! Before we talk about Senyorapp, we would like to give you some information to understand us better.

Gerontology: It is a multidisciplinary science formed by the specialization of many sciences such as sociology, geriatrics, pharmacology, psychology, biology on aging. It focuses more on the sociological & behavioural side of aging. In this sense, it differs from geriatrics, which is a medical science. The title of gerontologist is given to people who have received an undergraduate education in gerontology and graduated from this field. It is very confused with geriatricians, but it can be said that the same correlation between psychologist & psychiatrist is also between gerontologist & geriatrician.

Senor: The word, which comes from the English word senior, means a senior & experienced person. In addition to all these, it is used as a word to address people who are noble & to be respected in European countries.

In the light of this information, we make healthy aging accessible for every senior & provide an independent & vigorous life in the coming years. We provide this with live-online-interactive group lessons & events through our Senyorapp mobile application.

The initiative, which was brought to life by Ayşenur Kaya Yalçın, one of the participants of the Venture Warrior, was launched in August 2020. First of all, a detailed market analysis was made. Entrepreneurs stated that their aim here is to understand the target audience of the company and to make the product oriented to the needs and usage habits and to verify this. The venture recorded a growth of 50 percent in the May-June period and 83 percent in the June-July period. In the application, which has been downloaded by 2 thousand people so far, 30 trainers organized 1200 live lessons. There are currently 50 lessons on healthy aging in practice. The most demanded ones from these courses are knitting, macrame, sudoku, yoga, face yoga and Pilates.

Although Senyorapp has not received any investment yet, it has been included among 6 technology-based startups in the Impact Entrepreneurship Program (EGP), which was implemented in cooperation with Vehbi Koç Foundation and Türkiye İş Bankası to support initiatives focusing on a more liveable world.

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