The Open Account Pact (OAP) - Girişim Savaşçısı

The Open Account Pact (OAP)

Girişim Savaşçısı Mentoru Faruk Eczacıbaşı

The Open Account Pact ( OAP )

Initiated by Venture Warriors at the end of 2022, the Open Account Pact movement aims to transcend corporate social responsibility and compel companies to dedicate their entire existence to addressing a social problem. Every brand has the capacity to take meaningful strides towards global issues, placing social benefit at the core of its identity and directing all expenditures accordingly. By dismantling all barriers, companies can openly, transparently, and unequivocally share their financial accounts and previously undisclosed figures with everyone. This transparency enables them to openly demonstrate their commitment to addressing social problems and underscore the existence of a purpose beyond profit and revenue. The time to dismantle our walls and take action for the world is now!

1) Define Your Social Existence Purpose: Based on feedback from your founders, establish a purpose for your organization’s existence. Determine which social problems your organization will dedicate itself to addressing in alignment with this purpose.

2) Declare Your Manifesto: Draft a manifesto for the social cause your organization will champion. Briefly outline the needs and proposed solutions in your manifesto. Then, define the values that will govern your actions accordingly. Publish this manifesto and values on your website.

3) Foster Unity Consciousness: Develop a categorized payment structure for all employees within the organization. Eliminate salary disparities and ensure that all salaries are sufficient for a healthy lifestyle while remaining reasonable. Emphasize effort and perseverance over mere results within your organization, continually enhance the value you bring to your work, and ensure that your company earns profits commensurate with the effort it invests in serving its customers.

4) Open Your Finances: Intentions play a huge role in money. Regardless of its rhetoric, a
company’s true purpose is reflected in how it allocates its revenues. Publish the expenditure
and explanation sections of your bank statements on your website to demonstrate that your
organization spends all its revenues in accordance with your manifesto and values.

5) Be Accountable to the Public: Conduct a live stream with your officials every quarter (every three months) on your company’s social media accounts, previously scheduled and announced, to address all inquiries from the public.