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Training Troops

Girişim Savaşçısı Mentoru Faruk Eczacıbaşı

An Extraordinary Experience

Recognize yourself. Find your life purpose.

Push your limits. Discover your potential.

Build your dream job step-by-step.

Make a difference.

An Extraordinary Experience

Recognize yourself. Find your life purpose. 

Push your limits. Discover your potential.

Build your dream job step-by-step.

Make a difference.

In our Bootcamp Program, you identify your life purpose by increasing your self-awareness, turn it into an entrepreneurial idea and write your own manifesto. In our Master Association Program, you design your idea and implement it step-by-step and start your own business. The program aims to transform you into a visionary entrepreneur who never gives up, thinks big, disciplined, who does not lose his motivation and has a team spirit, thanks to intensive field practices and lessons. When you successfully complete the program, you will be taken to our permanent union UGGS (Master Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship Warriors Association), where you can carry out joint projects with our other graduates, and you will receive a lifetime of organized support here.


Prerequisite: Candidates who have completed the GIS Adaptation Training can join the GIS Training Troop.

Periods: The GIS Training Troop is opened a total of 6 times in a season

Duration: The GIS Training Troop includes full-time and face-to-face seminars and practice over 2 weekends. A weekday lasts a total of 4 days, from Monday to Thursday. It includes online seminars and assignments that start after 19.45. After the training, we have an additional 2 weeks of strategic consultancy. As such, our program is 80 hours in total; It includes 14 lessons and 27 applications and is spread over a period of 1 month in total. The program is presented interactively live and online in the virtual classroom with cameras.

BenefitIn the GIS Bootcamp Program, you identify your life purpose, clarify your entrepreneurship project, and write your own manifesto, accompanied by advanced awareness exercises and practices. In the program, you design your future, clearly define your goals and objectives, and set out to write your own story and achieve your goals.

Concrete Contributionsı: At the end of the GIS Bootcamp, you will have defined your life purpose and philosophy, defined your business idea, written your entrepreneurship manifesto and brand story, identified your slogan, and prepared a design for the next 45 years.

Program Content: Heroic architecture of business ethics, in-depth personality analysis and self-awareness acquisition, strength analysis and values determination, imagination and future prediction, curiosity analysis, defining personal life philosophy, life purpose determination, manifestation inference and personal legend creation, social problems and business idea development, business idea generation, future design and targeting studies, manifesto writing and global declaration related to the philosophy of life

Some of the Questions You Will Find Answers in The Program:

  • What is your personal life purpose and life philosophy?
  • What are your hidden strengths that you may not even be aware of?
  • What career plan can truly make you happy?
  • How can you find a good business idea that might suit you?
  • How do you turn your life purpose into an entrepreneurial project?
  • How do you write a manifesto that can mobilize communities?
  • How do you prepare an effective brand story?
  • How do you envision your next 15 years?


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Creator / Entrepreneur Coach of the Entrepreneurship Warrior Program
GIS Training Coach
M-GEN Future Planning Center Founder / Futurist GIS Mentor
SAS Commando / Analysis Specialist GIS Mentor
Prof. Dr. Yucel Yuksel / Philosophy Specialist, GIS Mentor


Merve Saraçoğlu
Specialist Clinical Psychologist / Purpose Detection


Prerequisite: Candidates who have successfully completed the GIS Training Troops and do not have a serious illness sensitive to excitement can join our Master Troops.

Periods: GIS Master Troops are opened a total of 2 times in a season.

Duration: The GIS Master Troop includes full-time seminars and practice studies over 6 weekends, and online seminars and assignments that start after 19.45 for a total of 4 days on 5 weekdays, from Monday to Thursday. As such, our program is 300 hours in total. It contains 126 lessons and 64 applications and is spread over a total of 2 months.

Benefit: The GIS Masters Association enables you to implement your project, which you have determined in the Training Troops, step by step and in a programmed manner. You will expand your vision, gain topological thinking ability, and get all the technical equipment you need to know about entrepreneurship. It enables you to assimilate the Entrepreneurship Fighting philosophy and to grasp real entrepreneurial behaviors and perspectives. The program aims to train master entrepreneurs who are technically competent, emotionally flexible, mentally resilient, never giving up, and thinking multi-dimensionally. During the program, participants implement their own projects and write their own books.

Concrete Contributions: At the end of the GIS Master Troop, you will have increased your mental resilience, gained entrepreneurial behaviors, established your dream job, learned everything you need to know technically, and published your own book.

Fringe Benefits: Providing special GIS training equipment consisting of a thermos, pen, bag and bandana, having the logos of the projects of the participants prepared by the agency, setting up mass mailing and customer tracking systems, creating server and electronic business infrastructures, preparing the digital catalog, promotional film and promotional music, establishing WordPress websites It is ensured that the participants have a book written in their field and that the successful graduates receive the Master Entrepreneur Certificate. Graduates are admitted to our permanent union, UGGS, to be supported continuously and systematically for life.

Some of the Questions You Will Find Answers In The Program:

  • How can you effectively manage your relationships with your environment, leave a mark on people and establish strong connections?
  • How can you successfully manage the relevant parts of your brain and keep your emotions and thoughts under control?
  • How can you implement any business idea at almost zero cost, in a total of 7 days?
  • How do you establish your job and manage effectively and completely, from strategy formation to operational setup, from marketing activities to hot sales?
  • How do you become a T-person who knows everything about something and something about everything?
  • How do you take your startup to global?
  • How can you resist all kinds of intimidation and strain, and how can you keep your inner motivation and self-confidence constantly alive?
  • How can you increase your performance by up to 20 times and live your life to the fullest?
  • How can you interpret events in entrepreneurship from a 360-degree perspective?
  • How can you keep your ego in check and successfully move towards becoming a wise personality?
  • How can you turn into an effective business leader and entrepreneur, and how can you implement large-scale projects?
  • How do you make a difference?


Develop a Distinctive Concept and Build a Revolutionary Brand
International market research studies, surveying, focus group and mystery shopper activities, parameter determinations, Blue Ocean Strategy, Strategy Canvas, Porter Analysis, Golden Circle, Hedgehog Model, SCAMPER system, Business Model Canvas, Lean Entrepreneurship Model (MVP), Assumption Approach, Developing a distinctive project concept and building a revolutionary brand through gamification, persona identification, Empathy Map, Brand House approach and Unique Value Proposition (UVP) construction, product/service design, prototyping and pre-mass production
Build Your Digital Infrastructure, Automate Your Processes and Mobilize
Building and managing a website with WordPress, basic level coding (Python), data analysis and effective CRM management, e-mail configurations and workflow architecture development, text messaging, virtual exchange, cloud server and API integrations, installation of SAAS and AIAAS automation systems and interconnection, the construction of robotic models, the mechanization of all routine business processes and the transformation into a mobile office
Comply with Legislation, Prepare and Institutionalize Your Financing and Budget Plan
Basic commercial law and contracts, industrial patents, digital signatures, crowdfunding, client-based funding, incentives and grants and capital and resource creation, company structures, financial statements, financial forecasting and budgeting, accounting systematics, Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFT market, IFRS standardization, regulation of relations with the state, institutionalization with ISO standardization, delivery and payment methods in foreign trade, documents used in foreign trade and practical process management in foreign trade
Build Your Marketing and Sales Setup, Build Your Promotion Infrastructure and Start Selling
Neuro-marketing, brand communication, social media page, campaign and advertisement management, mobile marketing, Google Adwords applications, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Blogging, effective YouTube channel management techniques, influencer marketing, digital marketing strategy development and planning, banner, creation of promotional films, e-catalogues, jingles and other electronic promotional materials, State and Endowment Modeling, Growth Hacking techniques and data collection, retention and activation strategies, content marketing, UI/UX tests, A/B tests, sales strategy design and BeachHead approach, construction of the Decision Center (DMU), B2B marketing techniques, finding customers from abroad, funneling, vectorial marketing and sector-specific promotional activities and realization of sales
Strengthen Your Business and Relationship Management Skills, Increase Self-Control and Become a Leader
Anatomy of the brain, mission-driven leadership, military perspective and activist thinking style, warrior spirit and determination to survive, never giving up, acquiring the habit of success, detecting lies and manipulation, resisting intimidation, techniques for gathering information and deciphering the truth, developing senses, mood control, gain mental toughness and emotional flexibility, stress management, increase strength and self-confidence, meditative level, breathing, point-focus, suggestion, cognitive distortions and behavioral therapy, amygdala management, socratic questioning, photographic memory, speed reading, diction, professional image, advanced presentation techniques, relationship management and mediation techniques, effective networking and communication load planning, staff selection, servant leadership and multicultural team management


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Creator / Entrepreneur Coach of the Entrepreneurship Warrior Program
Social Benefit Specialist GIS Mentor
Eczacıbaşı Holding Vice Chairman of the BOD / Social Benefit Specialist GIS Mentor
Member of the BOD of Alarko Holding / Women's Rights Advocate, GIS Mentor
SoloTürk-Turkish Air Force/Speed and Concentration Specialist GIS Mentor
Ballet, Actor and Writer / Artistic Approach Specialist GIS Mentor
5. Dan Aikido Sensei / Compliance Specialist ENTRY Mentor
GİRVAK Founding President / Globalization Specialist GIS Mentor
Sustainability Specialist GIS Mentor
Tenor and Lecturer at DOB. Member / Artistic Approach Specialist GIS Mentor
SAT Commando / Mental Resilience Specialist GIS Mentor
Captain of the Turkish National Basketball Team / Teamwork Specialist, GIS Mentor
SAS Commando / Analysis Specialist GIS Mentor
World Memory Champion / Learning and Recall Specialist GIS Mentor
Conductor / Polyphonic Approach in Entrepreneurship Specialist GIS Mentor
Yoga Darga Founder / Meditation Specialist GIS Mentor
Paralympic Swimmer and Painter / Not Giving Up Specialist GIS Mentor
MASAK Chief Tax Inspector / Taxation Specialist GIS Mentor
KWORKS Coordinator / Lean Entrepreneurship Specialist GIS Mentor
TR-CH Board Member / Innovation Specialist GIS Mentor
Venture Warrior Training Coach
Mazars Denge CEO & Sustainability Specialist GIS Mentor
Specialist Clinical Psychologist / Psychology Specialist GIS Mentor
Google Türkiye LCS President / Web Measurement Specialist GIS Mentor


Onur Erdoğan
Brand Strategy
Mehmet Eryılmaz
IFRS and Budgeting
Atahan Arslantaş
Çağla Güvelioğlu
Evrim Kocatepe
Internet Advertising
Ceylan Hazinedar
Book Writing
Tuğba Ebru Uzal
International Patent and Copyright
İnanç Eren Demir
Sevilay Güler
Internet Revenue Models
Özgür Özkaplan
YouTube Management
Naz Şimşek
Software and Video Production
Zinnur Elliiki Küçükköseleci
Proper Nutrition
Dr. Atilla Yardımcı
AI and Big Data
Av. Serap Ekşi
Commercial Agreements
AV. Yusuf Çolak
KVKK Processes
Nilay Vurgun
ISO and Institutionalization