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GİS Permanent Unions

GIS Permanent Units

GIS Permanent Units

Being an Entrepreneurial Warrior is to support for a lifetime.

Those who successfully graduate from our program are admitted into our permanent unit to receive lifelong support.

Master Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurial Warriors Unit (UGGS)

Prerequisite: Those who successfully complete the Master Unit program become a member of the Master Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurial Warriors Unit (UGGS).

Term: There is no term. UGGS is a special team of Entrepreneurial Warrior graduates who come together to work for a lifetime.

Advantage: UGGS members receive business development support on every quarter and can benefit from the services of our partner organizations in different fields.

Opportunities We Offer to Our Members: 

1.) Our members can have free access to various paid publications that are subscribed to for important researches around the globe.

2.) They can have the support of other unit members and exchange constant help for their projects.

3.) Members receive regular business development consultancy from our experts on every quarter.

GIS Special Unit (GIA)

GIA (GIS in Action) Entrepreneurial Warrior Special Unit is made up of UGGS members with outstanding success. Our team focuses on entrepreneurship projects that can have global impacts on a busy work schedule. They have common values, understanding, vision and technical background and focus on commercial and social entrepreneurship projects that can have a global influence.

Managing all the aspects of Entrepreneurial Warrior, the Central Executive Board is elected at the start of each season among the GIA personnel.

GIA members receive many private trainings during the season, aimed for their constant development and each member is guided for special trainings for their areas of expertise.

GIA Applications

Prerequisite: GIA does not accept applications. Only those who show outstanding success among UGGS Union members are invited. The member accepting the invitation goes through a 30-day observance process. If deemed acceptable, they go through a 90-day candidacy process and then can be a full member of the unit unanimously. 5% of the Entrepreneurial Warrior’s income is allocated for the development of GIA members.

Advantage: GIA members always refresh their knowledge with our special trainings and can benefit from the network and references of our mentors. They receive monthly business development support and can benefit from the services of our partner organizations in different fields. They receive full support from our organization and can focus on large-scale projects.

Opportunities We Offer to GIA Members:

1.) GIA members receive weekly business development consultancy.

2.) They are taken into a 72-hour private camp twice a year. Here, they carry out practices to grasp the spirit of the Entrepreneurial Warrior and learn about the new subjects added to the program. Hence, their knowledge and development levels are always kept updated.

3.) Unit members can reach their mentors while developing their projects by getting the approval of the GIS Central Executive Board. They can benefit from their guidance and consultancy.

4.) Each unit member receives one-to-one support from a clinical psychologist, sports coach and dietician on a monthly basis.

5.) All unit members can get lifelong services from Sarpaş Consultancy brands at for a certain fee without any profit. It is forbidden by our bylaws for the unit members to make a profit from each other.